Site Development

  • Catalina Pointe, Cottages and Townhome Community

    Catalina Pointe, Cottages and Townhome Community

    Designed landscape and irrigation permit plans for the new 275 DU development. Client: Catalina Pointe Location: Deltona City, Volusia County,…

  • One More Child

    One More Child, Lake Hunter Campus

    QEI is revising the development plans for the Urban Campus to encompass thirty acres. This update involves a Planned-Unit Major…

  • Municipal Park, Village of Sherman

    Municipal Park

    QEI planned and designed the new 10-acre Municipal Park in Sherman, Illinois. The work included completing the planning, design, and…

  • Road Ranger Truck Stop

    Road Ranger Truck Stops

    The work included Alta Surveys, Topo & Boundary work, and recording of plat work. Design and layout plans, specifications, and…

  • Fantasy of Flight

    Fantasy of Flight

    The work included the zoning of the 203+ acre site to allow the aircraft museum to have an operational runway. …