Applying Traditional Methods with the Latest Technology

Quigg Engineering Inc. offers top-tier surveying solutions, boasting a seasoned team proficient in both traditional techniques and cutting-edge surveying technologies. Our surveyors are equipped with various certifications, encompassing OSHA HAZWOPER worker training, railroad safety expertise, work zone safety proficiency for road projects, confined space entry capability, fall protection mastery, and comprehensive 10-hour OSHA safety training.

Survey Equipment

Utilizing the Latest Technology for High-Quality Results

Our survey crews use LIDAR, Trimble & Leica, GPS, and Total Stations with the latest electronic data collectors.

At Quigg Engineering, we provide the following survey services:

  • Construction/Stake-out Layout Services
  • TotalStation and GPS Field/Data Collection
  • LIDAR (Laser Scanning) Surveys
  • Machine Ground Control
  • ALTA, Boundary & Right-of-Way surveys
  • Surveys for Control Establishment
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Railway Grade Crossing Inventories
  • Railway On-track Topographical & Bridge Surveys
  • Railway Track Profile Surveys
  • Right-of-Way, Easements and Record Plat Preparation
  • Centerline Plats
  • Property Surveys

Witness the Future of Surveying

Surveying has evolved with GPS technology, enabling precise land boundary location quickly. The younger generation’s tech-savvy nature is beneficial in this evolving field. We have experienced huge leaps in Lidar and Scanning, offering Surface Modeling, BIM Modeling, and Structural Models. Our current scanning capabilities cover interior and exterior scans, bridge structures, roadways, and more, benefiting our clients. We strive to provide high-quality work using top-notch equipment maintained by skilled professionals, leveraging the strengths of both younger and experienced staff members. Collaboration among roles ensures efficient operations. Surveying is about innovation and making a difference. Embrace it as a profession for growth and learning. Continue to look towards surveying as your profession and bring your skills and expertise to us. Together, we’ll shape the future of the field, sharing knowledge and advancing the profession.

– Dean Bauer PLS, Director of Surveying