Elevating Your Vision: Comprehensive Transportation Solutions

At Quigg Engineering Inc., our transportation engineers collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs, goals, timelines, and financial boundaries. We work with local, state, and federal agencies to navigate regulations effectively. Our approach to transportation and design planning is practical, always aiming to deliver solutions that achieve the right balance between effectiveness and cost-efficiency.


Expertise Beyond Measure

We provide complex Traffic Management Analysis (TMA’s) for our clients, as well as, queuing and cycle time analysis along with roadway geometry and vehicle movement evaluations.

At Quigg Engineering, we provide the following transportation services:

Freeway & Roadway

  • Design of Interstates, Multi-lane Highways and Local Roads
  • Interchange Design
  • Intersection and Roundabout design
  • Construction Staging Development & Maintenance of Traffic Plans

Traffic & Signal Design and Studies

  • New Signal Design, Signal Interconnect, Modernization, & Improvement
  • Traffic Signal Warrants
  • Capacity & Accident Data Studies/Reports


  • Condition Surveys; Maintenance & Repair Recommendations
  • Pavement Design, Evaluation, & Research
  • Design & Construction Consultation

Witness the Future of Transportation

The transportation industry is constantly changing, driven by technological advances and the shift in the traveling public’s needs (pedestrians, bicycles, motor vehicles, transit). One component of the future of transportation is the introduction and increasing use of autonomous vehicles for transporting goods and improved mobility, efficiency, and safety for individual users. As we move into the future, we as engineers must continue to evolve with the changing technology and the traveling public’s needs and deliver projects that enhance safety, efficiency, and mobility for all.

– Mike Vail PE, Director of Transportation