Construction Inspection

I-74 Mississippi River Crossing

Construction Inspection

Delivering Quality Services on a Timely Basis

Quigg Engineering Inc. provides inspection, management, and administration services across various sectors, such as rail, utility, roadway, structural, environmental, and aviation projects. QEI ensures that projects are executed efficiently and meet all necessary standards and requirements.

Verifying that work is completed correctly, on schedule, and in accordance with the contract’s plans and specifications is crucial for ensuring the success and quality of any project. QEI’s commitment to quality control and adherence to contractual obligations likely sets us apart in the industry, fostering trust and confidence among clients.


Conveniently Located for You

QEI prioritizes safety and compliance with state and local regulations in construction projects across multiple states. Inspectors are required to complete 10-hour OSHA safety training to recognize and mitigate workplace hazards. Staying updated on regulations and providing ongoing training help guarantee compliance and project success.

At Quigg Engineering, we provide the following inspection services:

  • Construction Documentation
  • PCC Concrete Inspection
  • ADA Design Compliance
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs)
  • NBIS Bridge Inspection, Evaluation and Reporting
  • Bridge Construction Inspection
  • Construction/Stake-out Layout Services
  • Materials & Pavement Inspection
  • Site Engineering/Permitting
  • Inspection of Utility, Grading & Drainage Construction

Witness the Future of Construction Inspection

The construction sector is poised to advance by embracing alternative, innovative, and sustainable technologies while integrating solutions to enhance methods and processes, adapting to evolving environmental and industry demands. A notable instance of this evolution is evident in geospatial technologies, where the development of machine controls has significantly enhanced performance, productivity, and precision in meeting project requirements.

– Mike Gritton, PE Director of Construction