About QEI

Quigg Engineering Inc

About Quigg Engineering Inc

QEI is an engineering consulting firm with the goal of preserving and building upon our infrastructure since 2006. We are a DBE firm that provides a progressive and thoughtful approach to planning, engineering, and surveying, always remaining aligned with our clients’ needs, to provide professional, quality, and timely engineering and consulting services.

Our experienced staff of planners, technicians, engineers, and surveyors are passionate, detail-oriented, and focused, always striving to find the best path to overcome any hurdle in the road. We pride ourselves on our diverse, creative, and dynamic team of 100+ employees, including 40+ licensed professionals in six states, and we rely on their extensive experience in transportation, design, surveying, structures, construction inspection and special studies.


Providing Quality Services
with the
Excellence and
ntegrity of our staff!

Through growth and transition, QEI’s core values will never waver.

Our progressive approach, focus on client needs, and commitment to mindfulness, transparency, and communication will provide timely and professional results to ensure successful project completion. As experienced engineers and surveyors, we focus on providing quality services to public and private entities. Some of our services include: