Runway Rehabilitation and New Taxiway, City of Rochelle

Runway Rehabilitation and New Taxiway, City of Rochelle
February 22, 2024 Quigg Engineering Inc.
Rochelle Airport Taxiway

QEI reexamined the proposed pavement section and runway width and adjusted the conceptual design to meet the design of aircraft outlined in the ALP. The new design resulted in cost savings, allowing for the relocation of Taxiway A and the replacement of the runway lighting cable to be constructed within the same budget. Existing Taxiway A was relocated to the west approximately 800’ to eliminate the direct connection of the apron to the runway, a safety hazard. The runway lighting cable was replaced due to the system being weakened by lightning several times.

QEI provided NEPA documentation for the runway and taxiway plans, with final approval being a CATEX approved through the Illinois Division of Aeronautics and FAA. The new taxiway is in the 100-year flood plain, which required providing compensatory storage. FAARFIELD software was utilized to perform the pavement design. QEI submitted preliminary and final plans, specifications, and estimates for the project, along with a construction time estimate.

QEI provided inspection, field testing of materials, and project documentation during project construction.

Client: City of Rochelle

Location: Rochelle, Illinois

Construction Cost: $1,719,450